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What is e-Token?

One of DP World's initiatives is to ease trading processe. e-Token is an innovative gate booking system. Traders and Transporters can generate tokens (entry permits) online for transporting their containers to and from Jebel Ali Port.

Process of Generating the e-Token:

  • The trader nominates a transporter (hauler) through Dubai Trade Portal.

  • The transporter generates e-Token for his truck to access the port within a specific time slot.

  • The truck has easy access to the port with no stops and queues


e-Token Benefits

Main advantages of e-token include the following:

  • e-Token is FREE OF CHARGE!

  • Haulers can specify their preferred time slots for the convenience of their trips, eliminating the need to wait in long queues and improving their overall fleet productivity.

  • e-Token is faster, easier and more convenient. Haulers can generate e-Token online, eliminating the need to physically visit Documentation Centers and wait  in lines for hours.

Dubai Trade team is ready to answer your queries through the toll-free number 800-4464 or e-mail customercare@dubaitrade.ae